Stories of AIDS

Ten songs. Ten People. Ten stories of AIDS in Malawi. Each song is inspired by a narrative given by an affected individual whom we have met and recorded their life story. Of 26 recorded narratives, ten were selected to be crafted into song, often weaving direct quotations from the narrators themselves with lyrics in Chichewa and English. The narratives reflect a range of socioeconomic backgrounds and personal relationships of people living with HIV/AIDS. Each song is designed to musically capture the story and personality of the individual profiled.

South of Here

South of Here is a documentary multimedia project produced by students from the University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Facultad de Comunicación at the Universidad de los Andes in Santiago, Chile. It explores the history, people and communities of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and Chile, the surrounding waterways and their critical relationship to the environment.

Cape Fear to Down Here

Along North Carolina's southern coastline lie the subtropical Brunswick islands, which span five barrier islands and 45 miles of beautiful beaches. During the 5th annual Carolina Photojournalism Workshop, studens from the University of North Carolina explored the culture and traditions of North Carolina's rapidly-changing Brunswick Islands.

NCASI Northern Regional Meeting

NCASI Northern Regional Meeting is one of 4 regional meetings that NCASI hosts every year.


FICAT is for performing screening-level assessments of the effects of forest-based manufacturing activities on carbon and greenhouse gases along the value chain. FICAT is an application for Microsoft’s SQL Express database software.

Environmental Footprint Comparison Tool

Minimizing the environmental footprint from pulp and paper manufacturing requires understanding the interactions between various parameters. There are a number of releases to the environment associated with manufacturing, recycling, and disposing of paper products.When a company explores ways to minimize one of these releases, it may find that other types of environmental releases are minimized at the same time (co-benefits) or it may find that other types of environmental releases become larger (trade-offs)

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